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Home of soaps that are good to look at and good to use!

  • All Natural Lemongrass soap

What we do:

Our soaps are specially designed to be good to all your senses.

• To be good to your skin, every bar is made with a special blend of luxurious oils that leave your hands and body feeling good after every wash. Every bar will be bubbly, cleansing, and refreshing.

• To be good to your nose, each soap is delicately scented with a carefully selected fragrance.

• To be good to your eyes, every bar is a colorful work of art that subtly changes with use and that always produces lots of rich bubbles.

The goal is to give you a soap that you will love!


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Here at Good News Soap, I have two missions:
My first mission is to create beautiful soap that will feel, smell, and look good as you use it. I use high quality ingredients and a carefully formulated recipe so that your soap will produce a rich, creamy, cleansing lather that feels good while it cleans your hands. I also take my time in designing the patterns and colors for each new batch of soap, so that the scent and appearance of each one go together harmoniously. You can be proud to display any one of these beautiful bars of soap by your sink.
My second mission is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and his death, burial, and resurrection. Jesus, the son of God, gave his life as payment for all of your sins, so that you would not have to be separated from God for all eternity. All you have to do to be saved is believe that Jesus died for you and confess it with your mouth (say it aloud).
You will see evidence of these two missions everywhere you look on my site. I am committed to making quality products and treating my customers right, so that’s what you will see in my soap and customer service. I am committed to the Gospel, so you will see evidence of that everywhere from my logo to my packaging to information scattered around the pages of this site.
Have fun shopping! I look forward to doing business with you.