Where It All Started

In June 2019, I was inspired by a bar of Lilac scented soap that I found in a gift shop. I love the scent of lilacs, and fell in love with it immediately. Later that summer, I was reading a book about homesteading skills (another passion of mine) and found instructions for making soap. I read through them and thought, I could do that.

I read more and more, watched several videos of people making soap, learned all I could about safety requirements, and then dove in to making my first batch of soap.

I was nervous making that first batch, hoping I hadn’t overlooked anything in all my research, but it all worked out perfectly.

I used Lemongrass essential oil to scent that first batch, and turmeric to give it some color. By the time it was ready to cut into bars, I was hooked. There is a certain wonder to seeing all the ingredients come together to create something so useful.

Plus, my house smelled amazing!

I started making more batches of soap, trying new colors, fragrances, and techniques. Before I knew it, we had a lifetime supply of soap around the house. I faced the eternal question that all crafters seem to have about their work once it is complete: “Now what do I do with all this?”

That’s when I decided I could turn my hobby into a business. Good News Soap is the result. Now you can share in the beautiful and useful results of my art. I hope you enjoy the soap as much as I do!